A sleep study, also known as polysomnography, is a diagnostic tool that allows our healthcare professionals to monitor various physiological parameters during sleep. This non-invasive procedure helps identify and assess sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome. In conjunction with sleep studies, CPAP titration plays a crucial role in managing sleep-related breathing disorders.

CPAP titration involves the adjustment of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, a therapy delivered through a mask worn over the nose or both the nose and mouth. This gentle flow of air prevents airway collapse during sleep, ensuring an uninterrupted and restorative night's rest.

Key Benefits

Choosing our Sleep Study/CPAP Titration service comes with a multitude of benefits. Improved sleep quality is at the forefront, enhancing overall health and vitality. By addressing sleep disorders, we aim to reduce the cardiovascular risks associated with conditions like hypertension and arrhythmias. Our personalized approach ensures that each patient receives tailored care, addressing their unique sleep-related challenges.

The Process

The journey to better sleep begins with a thorough evaluation conducted by our experienced sleep medicine specialists. During the sleep study, patients spend a night in a comfortable and monitored environment. Our advanced technology records brain activity, eye movement, heart rate, respiratory efforts, and oxygen levels, providing a comprehensive picture of sleep patterns.

Following the diagnosis, CPAP titration is implemented to determine the optimal air pressure required for each patient. This process is tailored to individual needs, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. Our team is dedicated to guiding patients through each step, fostering an environment of understanding and collaboration.

Conditions Treated

Our Sleep Study/CPAP Titration service is instrumental in managing various sleep disorders. From obstructive sleep apnea to insomnia and beyond, we address conditions that compromise your sleep quality. By targeting the root causes, we aim to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health, with a specific focus on minimizing cardiovascular risks associated with sleep-related issues.

Why Choose Us?

Cardiac Care Associates stands at the forefront of sleep medicine, bringing together a team of skilled healthcare professionals with expertise in both cardiology and sleep disorders. 

Patients benefit not only from our medical proficiency but also from our emphasis on collaborative decision-making. We understand that every individual's journey to better sleep is unique, and our team is dedicated to crafting personalized treatment plans that align with each patient's needs and preferences.


What should I expect during a sleep study?

During a sleep study, you'll spend a night in a comfortable room while our advanced monitoring equipment records various parameters to assess your sleep patterns. The process is entirely non-invasive, and our experienced team ensures a relaxing experience.

How does CPAP titration work?

CPAP titration involves gradually adjusting air pressure levels to determine the most effective setting for you. This ensures optimal treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders while maximizing comfort.

Is a sleep study necessary for everyone?

While not everyone may need a sleep study, it is recommended for those experiencing persistent sleep issues, snoring, or suspected sleep disorders. Our team will guide you based on your specific symptoms and medical history.

Schedule a Sleep Study/CPAP Titration

Take the first step towards rejuvenating sleep and improved cardiovascular health by scheduling a Sleep Study/CPAP Titration at Cardiac Care Associates. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, providing compassionate care and personalized solutions. Contact us today to embark on your journey to better sleep and overall well-being.

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Sleep Study/CPAP Titration

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