Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

Holter monitoring is used to record your heartbeat away from our office and allows your doctor to evaluate how it responds to normal activity. When you receive a Holter Monitor, small, painless electrodes (conducting patches) are placed on your chest and attached to a small recording monitor. The monitor can be placed in a pocket or small pouch worn around your neck. The monitor is battery operated.

While you wear the monitor, it records your heart’s electrical activity. You need to keep the device on at least 24 hours and complete a diary of your activities while wearing the monitor. After 24 hours, you return the monitor to our office. Your records will be studied to determine if there have been any irregular heart rhythms.

It is very important that you accurately record your symptoms and activities so that the doctor can match them with your Holter monitor findings.

There is no special preparation, except do not apply lotion to your chest before. Tell our staff if you are allergic to tape or other adhesives.

This is a painless test. However, some people may need to have their chest shaved so the electrodes can stick.
Tips while wearing the monitor:

  • Do not get the monitor wet. This includes no shower or bath.
  • Follow your normal routine, including exercise, work, etc.
  • Keep a detailed diary of all activities during the monitoring time, making sure to note any symptoms you may feel
  • and when you take your medications.